Common Breeding Grounds For Germs

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Germs are the reason for a lot of health hazards. It's important that we keep a tab on their favorite breeding grounds, in case we desire to keep these health hazards away.

The sponge that we use to do our dishes tops the list of breeding grounds for germs. A latest research states that there are 134,000 germs in every square inch cloth sponge. The reason for such a large number of germs in cloth sponge is that there are several tiny food particles left on it. Furthermore, it is damp, which makes the environment a lot more amicable for germs.

Due to the high number of germs present on the damp cloth, its use might cause abdominal pain, campylobacter diarrhea and even puts you at the risk of different infections. To avoid various health hazards, experts recommend that you change your cloth sponge every week. In case, that is not feasible, disinfect the cloth sponge for 15 minutes every week.

Exercise precautions such as washing your hands with antibacterial soaps every time you happen to touch the sponge. This holds much more importance in case you are nursing acne. Touching the sponge transfers germs from sponge to skin, worsening acne breakout even more. If looking for quicker remedy, switch to products such as Zenmed Derma Cleanse System.

After the cloth sponge, it is the kitchen sink that breeds the maximum amount of bacteria. Regardless of whether the sink is filled with dishes or not, an average kitchen sink consists of at the least 50,000 germs. Most people are of the view that the dish cleaners that they use will kill the bacteria contained in the sink. However, this is not correct because these dish cleaners do not have the ability to destroy the bacteria. Apply disinfectant bleach to the sink and wipe it off after 15 minutes. This will help kill the entire bacteria contained in the sink.

Pretty surprisingly, your bathtub too houses various germs. While enjoying a hot bubble bath in the bath tub is the sure shot stress buster at the end of a tedious day, the same tub can be the breeding ground for countless germs in case not cleaned in the proper fashion.

It's not just you who sleeps on your bed daily. There are plenty of ticks and other microorganisms that do so too. Sweat and sperm on your mattresses work as food for bacteria. These microorganisms can lead to different allergies. Should you suffer from problem skin, it could even aggravate your acne further.

So, keep a tab on given germ breeding centers and you'll secure yourself against numerous health woes.
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Common Breeding Grounds For Germs

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This article was published on 2010/11/01